We all pay some sort of price for the freedom we have and for most of us the rewards are worth it. For those stalwart characters who have supplied me with the first 95 hits to this blog i must explain that i have deleted the early entries in order to protect my position as a volunteer with the local ambulance corp.

I will not be posting any more posts relating to that corp or its work until the legitimacy of doing so is completely clear. In the meantime i am of course free to continue posting posts relating to other matters and i hope to keep you occasionally entertained or otherwise educated by making them as diverse as they were to start with.

As the phoenix piece i would like to include the words my love found on a scrap of paper amongst the belongings of ancient but still wise Rev. C.L.Penn;


            oil} tanks full


       oxygen. S.Union

       everything tightened up

       brakes all right

       Petrol on, throttle closed

       ignition on. Press starter

       swing engine over, rev up

       brakes off, chocks

       away, taxi along into

       wind, rev up fuller &

       fuller, take off. Draw

       up undercarriage.

       Climb into wind. Away

       over land and Sea.

       Singapore music swells

       heat, ice drinks, Chinese.


This is how she found it and we both got a good giggle out of it, hope you do too. Somewhere i have a similar piece that my grandma Nina, his wife Ruth (Penn, Newell, Robilliard) did about the first moon landing.

I am convinced that Rev.Clive and Ma Ruth loved each-other so because they viewed the world in the same way.

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