What i have learned from Dogs

Wishy is only tiny, being a mini fox terrier or at least partly so. The attitude is incredible though, he will stop at nothing to get his teeth into the toe of a dog twenty times his size.

From cats i learned the benefits to health of intense stretching and dedicated relaxation. From dogs i learned how to ignore pain in the pursuit of interesting smells, and how to get comfortable on a cold floor.

The problem with humans is that we have the unreasonable expectation of being allowed to continue with habitual behavior after it has become dysfunctional. We have a sentimental attachment to routine which is almost disgusting. The way we build and drive cars, for example, has left us with a regular incidence of trauma which is so utterly grotesque in its frequency that it defies the logic available to us.

Of course i am far from innocent of these mistakes myself but somehow i made it to middle age and can now enjoy trying to survive for a change.

Here is hoping that your day is fine and accident free, that your pets get some of your time to indulge wordless interaction and that your descendants get what they deserve, in the best possible way…

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