A letter from Nipon

Naoto from Sapporo still writes to us regularly two years after his stay in my loves house on an exchange. His English steadily improves and i am deeply envious of the quality of the language teaching he must be receiving. Hopefully it helps that we write back so often.

What a charactre he is, with all the energy and entheusiasam of his race but with so little of the reserve that people usualy show when they are out of their comfort zone. We still miss him years later and he was only here for ten days.

At most of the eleven different schools i attended i received some tuition in French but whether due to disruption or poor tuition i never achieved conversational French. Oh well, sait la vie mon vieux. Le belle France regardez pas.

In his latest letter Naoto included some questions in Japanese for my loves middle son who is studying the Hirgana at first year high school. You see, one good turn often engenders another. What a wonderfully reciprocal world we live in.


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