They have Farrung Husbands

The table was overflowing with omelets, curries, fish cakes, desserts for the kids, sushi, it was nothing short of a feast. The rainbow kids were running amok in the garden, the drinkers were drinking, the conversation was deafening in several languages and so far as i could tell, everyone was celebrating young Finns birthday in style.

My love took photos because she is, after all, a girl from a village near the Laos border made good. The term farrung refers to us Whites, if you’ll excuse my noticing. We are happy because we generally get much better treated than those involved with local girls.

Nobody minds Ted being crude, as long as he keeps it to a dull roar, on the contrary, we appreciate his Chi because he means well and is devoted to love. What a wonderful thing at such an age. We cant help agreeing with him when he says “pure honey, look at it, pure honey”, because he is after all quite right.

Australia has the great advantage of being a mostly immigrant population. We still have a long way to go in setting the tone of this our new civilization. During the first half of my life i have seen immense change in the culture and balance of the city and i look forward to more. The dry and unemotional style that was once the hallmark of most interaction here is slowly giving way to an acceptance of the principals of the mutual benefit of warmth. Which is something the Thais never doubted.


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