I have no children of my own and i never wanted any. Not for more than a passing moment anyhow. My love has three boys who are great company and, on the whole, more fun than trouble. Having taken great care not to have children by accident during my youth, i eventually reached a point where i was glad of it. In short it would be good if that were that, if you see what i mean and will forgive my english.

It was a strange sense of guilt that came upon me when in casual conversation a friend informed me that children were not possible for him. It seemed that this was a great disappointment. Now i have every sympathy for this but i can not really understand it. Many years ago the one mistake i did make was aborted. Choice was not allowed me at any stage of the event but i am glad that a child did not result, not least because i would have made a poor father.

Is there some part of me missing that i have no desire for my unique corner of the genome to survive, or is it because i became self aware during that moment of the sixties when overpopulation was considered a crisis. Truth is, it would be a shame if the earth was so over run with people that it was no longer pleasant to live on or diverse enough to help guarantee the survival of its, so far as we know, unique inhabitants.

Well, either way, i am a third way to becoming part of a family and i am grateful for that. Problem is that if i am to take the position seriously then i still have many changes to make to my attitude. I should be trying to improve my income rather than writing blogs, building improbable experiments and devoting my time to a volunteer service. Can i change… i doubt it.

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