No post on 9/11

11/9/01, as we called it here, was not a good day for me either. As a recently qualified aeronautics design technician i could feel the joy and potential of the industry i was trying to become a part of, fall away.

The spectre of hatred and envy depleting our freedom to travel was especially degrading to me because during my two years studying engineering in North Wales i had put a lot of time into getting to know the Muslim components of the newi student body.

These were a mixture of second generation English, African and Malay folk who were all studying engineering at various levels and were capable of being the most welcoming and hospitable communities on campus. My time with them was over mid 1998 and i miss them and their cooking to this day.

The other reason that i was disappointed by the grotesque events of that day comes from family history. I am sure i have mentioned it before in this blogstreem, my big sister who lives in London was hit by flying glass when a terror device, a truck bomb i think, exploded outside the building she was working in. That was in the early nineties as far as i know.

Her memory of it is vague, she did not even inform us relatives in Australia at the time. That it had played a powerful role in her gradual decline over the next decade is without doubt. What can a family do, several times i went to London to try to help but it was not accepted and i did not have the skills required to survive in a metropolis back then, i doubt that i would have even now.

No person has the right to use random bloodshed to force political solutions. The desire to do so is an ignorance of how much power the individual has to change everything without resorting to force. The superpowers who have protected me all my life are as guilty of this as anyone.

Humanity has the opportunity to halt our dependence upon force. What is required is communication deep and universal enough to gradually reduce the prevalence of forceful political solutions. This is happening in our local lives at an ever increasing rate so with any luck it will expand out to resolve yet more.

In a fascinating conversation with an ex-policeman last Saturday, he, Dave, explained to me that police work was not just chasing crooks, police work at the uniform end was mostly attending to people in crisis. Will the UN end up being an effective and constructive world police service in this way. Well my fingers are firmly crossed and my heart pumps for the day.

Peace is everything because within it our dramas can flourish. Thankyou for reading. Love your fat arse.


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