The start of an e-conversation.

From: spupeng7  To: Richard 
Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006
Subject: may the discussions continue
   thanks for the discussion papers, they are
of great interest of course but my problem
remains the same, the one you identified at
the beginning of my involvement with the greens,
that there is no obvious and effective solution.
   Overpopulation was identified as a global
problem when I was still a small child. As a
consequence of no one joining the Chinese effort
to find resolution, the problem is already out of
hand, even to the extent that WMD may be the only
realistic solution.
   Meantime I continue to contribute to the scandal
by driving a car and using my reverse cycle air con.
As addicted as I used to be to nicotine, despite the
 consequences. Maybe I can achieve separation from
these dependencies but I am still a long way from
relinquishing my other responsibilities in order to
devote my life to constructive politics.
   The reason for this is philosophical, well almost
religious, I believe my Daoist teachers when they say
that the future really is unfolding as it should. That
we have the freedom to change its direction does not
mean that we must do so because the rest of the universe
has the right to make whatever level of ass of itself
as it can manage.
   Hopefully this does not mean that my presence at
Green Party meetings is unwelcome because I do enjoy
them immensely. Please keep up the good work though,
I love it that someone does it,
                    yours Spup
Thanks for the beautiful letter. Of course you are
most welcome. Does the rest of universe grant us
the right to facilitate a well functioning planet
in the service of life?  How can anybody say "as it
should".  Should?  Such sentiments do help with
acceptance and the Letting go of personal "attachment"
to particular outcomes. But there is a silent value
judgement or choice missing from the know-it-all
guru who says "as it should".  I guess it is a faith
that says "whatever happens, that's OK. Everything's
gunna be all right." When Love becomes so painful
that a soul becomes debilitated, there is a case for
getting same distance from the pain. But for me, the
question has not been answered - the experiment about
the value of consciousness has not concluded.  Do
consciousness and it's consequent moral and spiritual
values have any evolutionary value? Can "caring"
motivate people to organise into a "collective will"
or are they just going to find ways to distract
themselves from what matters most in their own hearts?
I don't have a lot of problems with my personal
"hypocrisy", because I perceive the problems to be
systemic. My shared guilt also gives me solidarity
with the majority who feel their choices have been
limited by external forces.  I just want people to
stop denying that they care – that they are
spiritually and emotionally attached to the
entire history of life on this planet and it's
future. Evolution has made me to love my daughter.
Evolution has made me want to care for my species
and the Earth.  Why should I want to turn this off?
"I don't matter so much - but what I care about,
does."  So I exhort you be passionate!  To fill
your soul with life's blood. All the stuff you are
learning from the Daoists will help you stay in
control, to stay aware, and keep out of trouble,
but please, feel the motivation, and suffer the joy
and the pain.  Join your friends who wish us humans
were not so fucking stupid.
"The situation is hopeless - we must take the next
step." Pablo Casals
Having got that off my chest. We can go back to
being normal.  The rant is not directed towards
your good self.  It's an argument I have with a
few eastern philosophies.  Maybe I misunderstand.
Perhaps my innate romanticism is excessive. Please
accept it as an indication of my high regard.
Yours, Richard

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