From: Spupeng7

To: Richard

Sent: Sunday, September 10, 2006

Subject: Re: the unbearable lightness of not being sure 

I will consider it. Meantime, would it be rude of me
to ask, oh gee I feel silly asking this, if I could
include some of our correspondence into my blog?
Please say no if you have any reservations whatsoever.
Thanking you again and again



I am reminded of an art installation, attended by John Lennon, 

an exhibition by a young female artist, where the viewer had to go

through a kind of obstacle course and climb to the top of a ladder

and reach precariously to for a card.  Preparing himself for the final

humiliation, John opened the card.  Inside he found a poem that

changed his life. 

The poem was:-                    “Yes”

He asked to be introduced to the artist.  And married her.

I can’t say they lived happily ever after. But always authentic, meaningful

and real.  When John partook of young, adoring, forbidden fruit he was

cast out of the garden for quite a painful time.  Yoko’s other poem

was                                  “No”.

Checked out the blog.  The context means our stuff will fit in well. 

In any discussion there is a bit of role playing – I’m writing to myself

as much as you.  I think it is collaborative art, and the personal is 

often universal. You have my trust and respect. Do your worst. 

Thanks for the provocation.


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