A Poem For a Poor Child. by Taiaha Newnham age 12, 2006

If I was a poor child a hungry thirsty poor child my wish would be this:

A sweet fresh flowing river

A house where people smiled,

I would also like to have known

My brother before he died

A safe environment, clothes and peace

And a place to lay my head to sleep

I’d want my father to have a farm

And for us all to have fair wages,

I’d like to have some coconut palms

And for my pets not to be in cages

I’d like to live someplace good

A free choice of our own

And it would be good to have a “sick mans place”

And medicine for our aches and groans

I’d like us to have a place to learn

And space to live and grow

Yes! That is my wish,

My wish, for the days that come ahead

To make this wish come true!


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