The Station Cat

This blogging business is most definitely addictive. When deprived of my usual connection i become restless and preoccupied. The need to share my philosophy and poetry has changed from a pre-blog background desire into a need. It has replaced the desire for nicotine, it is overriding my determination not to run a net connection from home and it will probably develop into a dependence directly.

In previous posts i have discussed the benefits of blogging as a confessional. Now it is all i can do to avoid revealing the sad details of the sins and threats which have resulted in the reorganization of my life but i will be strong and regale you with another story instead. Well, this time at least.

The station cat is a pleasant fellow for the most part. He has earned his nickname by putting in as many, if not more, hours on station than a full time paid staff member would. In order to maintain a prompt emergency response for the locals he will spend as much as sixty hours a week on duty. Often he has little to do but watch pay TV and read, just as often he will be running transfers or washing the truck. When something does happen however, the injured or sick will be twenty minutes closer to help thanks entirely to him.

There are of course many similar stories relating to the service. The more of them i hear the more proud i am to have been accepted onto their team and i prey that i can justify that decision starting from the completion of my qualification. Full time training begins next week and i can not wait. If my posts become even thinner please forgive me even more for just a few more weeks. I do desire to blog more, i have confidence that i will soon blogmore, i will be bloggist i promise.

Before i go, a welcome to a new reader, the good Jan who lives two and a half thousand kilometers away and whose conversational style has inspired much of the tone of this blog. Jan has a biodynamic garden and a history of challenging the norm in many different ways. Thankyou Jan for describing my words as lovely, hope you continue to enjoy. Wish i could post transcripts of our phone conversations, some good material there. For the rest of you, more poetry soon.


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