A Night Amongst The Vineyards

Getting Europe good and drunk is a point of pride for South Australians. Wine is our only major ‘value added’ export and we devote two thirds of our water resources to vineyard irrigation.

The quality of our wine is to our credit. Ten years ago i heard a frenchman on the radio saying that an obvious fault in a wine could be forgiven if the overall character was interesting enough. True, many of our wines were a little loud back then but a bottle of Jacobs Creek from Sainsburies supermarket in South London was excellent value at five quid (pounds stirling).

There is something even better that we have here. The Fleurieu peninsular, where many of the vineyards grow, is similar to the Athena of two thousand years ago. Hot in summer, cool in winter, always the perfect holiday spot. My cousins have a beach house here but last night i stayed with old friends in a house full of children and love.

Today is Taiahas birthday and he has done well for presents. In fact he is doing well generally, being as he is, a competent songwriter and a one day a week organic baker. His parents are so proficient at raising kids that they help me see some areas where i have been going wrong over the past few years.

The vineyards are a financial blessing for many of us but in our increasingly safe state the value of intoxicants is being questioned. For those who have to clean up the consequences these questions are entirely logical no matter how party pooperish they may be. I love the occasional drink myself and, fingers crossed, i think i have at last mastered the concept of moderation.

Waking up amongst the vineyards is a great way to start the day though. The vine leaves set against a background of flat blue sea, just wonderful.

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