Goodbye Sweetness 21/10/06

It really was very sweet of you

to not beleive me when

I said I was having a heart attack

maybe it seemed improbable to you

that after so much vigour and passion

my heart, just eight years older than yours

should for no other reason fail

The explanation is simple though

from long experience life has taught me

the sighs of a lover that

no matter how enraptured

will one day accept the inevitable and leave

I am not a man worth keeping

that I know, but when you asked if you

could stay forever, that is when

my poor heart broke

Broke for the fourth time

each time a little less mended

a little less desirous of a solution

a little gladder to be broken

a little more patient for freedom

a little less concerned about

any minor damage done

So it still beats its heavy beat

but when I listen closely

I can hear the accumulation of minor infarctions

which each distinctly alter its rythm

and yours, the latest, is the most obvious

because you were the only one who

I actually wanted to stay


So goodbye sweetness

bonjour mon ami tristess

(welcome sadness my friend)

no one ever needed me

as much as you

no one ever thrilled me

as much as you

please remember to use that smile

till the day you die

it filled me up and healed my world

it erased the demons from my mind

it illuminated the room

with the warmest glow

that I will ever know


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