Thankyou for the honesty, it has been your most precious gift to me and from it i can draw my new strength and my new confidence in people. Thankyou for the time spent, the effort you made to bring reality to me in a way that i could enjoy it.

Friends are my favorite things. In their dubious ways i find solace, i become a part of the towns i live in. Not all of my hopes and dreams have come about but most of them have, enough of them have to make me feel very lucky. I have been drawn out of sadness and filled with spirit, i have been cared for, fed and made use of and now i am a willing player in those games of life which i shunned for so long.

My belief is that desire rises out of the ground, that energy is free and that in freedom there is energy. My faith is that there is goodness in every circumstance because from circumstance comes the future which then becomes the undeniable past which is the foundation of our existance.

If i sound too serious it is because a few of the truths made apparent to me in the past week have been hard to accept. First a broken heart, then some misinformation about the consequences of desperation for energy, then a death, then a lie. Their beauty is in their reality even when that reality is a tragedy, even when so much blood soaks into the soil. Even when it is the future itself which pays the heavy price.

Even when my own life is diminished, time comes to rescue me, put me back on my feet yet again and fold it’s loving arms about me one more time, one more wonderful time.

Hope you have had a good week too dear reader.

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