It’s not easy being green, said Kermit the frog. I love it. I’ve completed the relevant parts of the course and have been promoted to Student A.O. which allows me to wear the uniform, treat patients under supervision and drive the ambulance for practise.

The uniform is quite smart, leaf green with grey high visibility strips about the chest arms and legs and with AMBULANCE written across your back in large red letters. There are two Velcro ribbons on the chest so you can display your name and status and there are more pockets zips and strings than you could sensibly use.

It is one thing to ride in the ambulance and see what goes on, it is another thing altogether to wear the uniform and give hands on treatment to the patient. Ambulance officers are people but when we arrive at a scene it is the uniform which the patient sees.

Imagine being injured, vulnerable and frightened, when you see the crew arrive you know that you have the best help that is available in the area. If we are called to a multiple trauma i could be left to handle anything from a headache to a torn aorta.

I have wanted to do this for a long time and now that i am nearly there i hope to be doing it for a long time to come. It may not be easy being green but it is a worthy job of work, one that allows me to be proud of my life and may even give me opportunities for paid employment in the future. Hopefully it will not get me into too much trouble along the way but in this line of work you never really know…


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