Today there is a large classic sports car rally passing the the station. This event now attracts about one hundred fifty cars of the expensive variety and they spend a few days each year touring around the hills and competing in special stages.

The special stages consist of the windiest bits of hills road, and we have some mighty windy roads about here. It was the glamour of these roads and the glorious countryside that first drew me up into these hills. As a youth i would drive my Alpha Romeo or ride my Yamaha up here from the city, just to be in these magical environs. During those trips the desire to reside here grew into an ambition which was eventually realised when my sister moved up here and invited me to join her and her boyfriend when i returned from Wales. Life has been good to me since that day eight years ago.

People change, it is the places they live in which cause them to change. I have lost the desire to get from A to B in the minimum possible time, i can’t imagine anything more uncomfortable now. The beautiful countryside no longer fills me with joy each time i see it. I am used to it as the background to my life, it gives me joy when i am happy, when i’m grumpy it looks bad.

Sports cars have always been a symbol of that kind of glamour to me. I wanted one, thanks to the generosity of an early lover i had one but i did not keep it for long. I sold it and paid her back the money because i knew in my heart that the joy it brought me would fade and the object itself would eventually become a pain in the arse. That is me, i thrive on change and learning. When i learn applicable knowledge it makes me happy even if i have no intention of retaining that knowledge in the long term.

My mind is then free to discard old habits and obsessions and move on to the next thing. Now i must find a partner who can accept this aspect of my lack of character because as fond as i am of moving on i would still like to have romantic stability one day. No hurry though…  In the present, those sports cars will be passing in an hour or so, i should try and talk my mentors into going out to the main street to watch. We might even get a little business out of it !

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