Love is wonderful, after many years alone i found someone to wake up next to and i have never been happier. It has not lasted but while she loved me she showed me just how good it can be. Between us there were no misunderstandings, differences, almost quarrels but no misunderstandings. Sunday mornings were simply blissful.

Now i recognise love as a necessity for my contentment and i must, as if unable to prevent myself, start looking for the next one.

Don’t ask me how, i may try computer dating which has the advantages of being specific. You can restrict your searches to suit your needs, age, children, religion, star sign, even ethnic origin if you like. You can form a profile which allows the reader to be pre warned of any problems in a subtle way. I, for example, am poor, relatively, by our high western standards at least, computer dateing will allow me to be up front about this, which will hopefully help me to avoid disappointing anyone.

The old beetles songs were wrong you see. Love is not all you need, it is just one aspect of relationship. And money can buy you love, it just so happens that i am looking for the kind of love that does not make money its turning point. Wish me luck, being as set in my ways as i am, i am going to need it.


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