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Ten more to go from Quality of Compassion.

27 December, 2006

Back to the present day folks, as 2006 gives way to 2007 i am making arrangements to return to London. With a heavy heart i will sell or give away my perfect life in the hills behind Adelaide and through self back to the dark city streets.

This may be crazy and i will most certainly regret it at times but this is a moment which has need of a deep solution. If I stay here while the love of my life marries another for money, my heart will stop for good.

There is nothing new about this situation, it has happened to a million and more before and it is probably for the best if the truth be known.

In the meantime there are still ten to go in my revelation of the old works from 1989. I do hope you are enjoying them as much as i am, they may be from a different time but some of them are as valid to my present life as they were when i first wrote them.

 A good example of that relevance is ‘On Streets of Coming Pain’. I spent Xmas day with people i’ve known since those days and only now they are reaching that same point of no return which i saw so many reach back then.

Self disturctive behavoir always points to the same thing. It occurs when a person cannot bear being denied the assistance and love that they need. Easy solutions are not necessarily appreciated. The problem is not mine however, i have unresolvable issues to deal with on the other side of the planet.

 Issues that make Gengis Kaan look like a nice guy.



27 December, 2006

Tidy motel room

Where I will sleep alone

A thousand dusty miles from home

Television and bathroom

White walls and fresh bed

A place to rest my weary head

Toothpaste and shaving foam

I smooth my face with razor

I stab at my mouth with a plastic stick

But it doesn’t feel right

I’m clean but not happy

What I’ve left behind

May never be replaced


27 December, 2006

Reality comes crashing back

With the first cigarette of the day

Too bad, I’ve got to find a job again

That’s a very boring thing

For a man who can smell with his fingers

I must line my pockets with cash

Till I smell nothing

But my own greed

The mechanical humiliation seed

One all-that-glitters centipeed

Time lingers, stuck on red pen

Circleing another clean notion

Of time wasting labour

Towards another mans dream

His horrid snotty kids need more icecream

How can I sit one-on-one in interview

Lying for a job I don’t want to do

Save me from this

Leave me poor

My time my own for ever more


27 December, 2006

From the rich blue of the nightclub

To the dark grey of my empty house

Knowing that the clarity of morning

Will hurt my eyes

Too bad for clever conversation

Too a-typical for casual sex

Stronger and quicker

Much more dangerous

Drinking more

Having so much more faith

Knowing that love could cure me

Surely love could make me

Human again


MY IDEA (1988)

27 December, 2006

Rush hour trafic

Grinding my heart

Into grey road dust

I won’t try to stop you now

My body is over

I’ve chosen the only way out

For me

For ever

Suicides glorious midnight express


27 December, 2006

I cannot sleep for worry

Friends of mine on path of self distruction

Burden me with thought of coming tragedy

Maybe I am wrong, maybe it’s better that

Their short lives be textured by danger,

The law, drugs and the street

We cannot all be sensible

Not all of us are healthy

But watching them does hurt me

Because they are my friends

Some of them are talented

All of them are facinating

And the night is strangly blue as I ponder

which will be the first to die


27 December, 2006

You have slipped from mother natures

Frail plan

You have droped into our city

As a wild card

You are stupid, genuinly dangerous

And totaly unpredictable

You have smiled at me the laghfing smile

Of desperation

You seek satisfaction so I tell you

Seeing right from wrong

Is the only answer

Is the rocky road to home

GRANDMA CLOCK (4th of 4)

27 December, 2006

When noone else knows which medicine for pain

Then she is allways there

When something ugly happens

She will take it all away

When her children give you scars

She will take them back

She will give us all presents

When christmas comes around

She will bury all our secrets

                   six foot underground


27 December, 2006

I’ve allways thought that you should have a child

Another dimension

So that we could be truly free

I wonder at your strength and your grace

I love the way you dance upon my face

You might have been bored

When noone would fight you

But allong came men like Einstine

Watch your back now

Or we’ll fuck you round and round

And blow ourselves to hell

OLD MAN TIME (2 of 4)

27 December, 2006

Wickedly winking face

Broard grin

And dandylion scented mouth

Baggy old body

Dressed in tatty coat

He snorts cocaine

Thats why we go faster and faster

He swills down wine

And crashes to the floor

Should we pray to this man?

I don’t think so

Cos he can’t keep mum

He’ll show every living creature

The foolishness of man

And Uncle Geoffories daughter

Would be ninety in a day without him