Ten more to go from Quality of Compassion.

Back to the present day folks, as 2006 gives way to 2007 i am making arrangements to return to London. With a heavy heart i will sell or give away my perfect life in the hills behind Adelaide and through self back to the dark city streets.

This may be crazy and i will most certainly regret it at times but this is a moment which has need of a deep solution. If I stay here while the love of my life marries another for money, my heart will stop for good.

There is nothing new about this situation, it has happened to a million and more before and it is probably for the best if the truth be known.

In the meantime there are still ten to go in my revelation of the old works from 1989. I do hope you are enjoying them as much as i am, they may be from a different time but some of them are as valid to my present life as they were when i first wrote them.

 A good example of that relevance is ‘On Streets of Coming Pain’. I spent Xmas day with people i’ve known since those days and only now they are reaching that same point of no return which i saw so many reach back then.

Self disturctive behavoir always points to the same thing. It occurs when a person cannot bear being denied the assistance and love that they need. Easy solutions are not necessarily appreciated. The problem is not mine however, i have unresolvable issues to deal with on the other side of the planet.

 Issues that make Gengis Kaan look like a nice guy.

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