Back to the Present

That concludes my posting of poems from my first collection called ‘Quality of Compassion’ dated 1988-89. I hope you have enjoyed them dear reader, they are an important part of my personal history.
Forward from here i intend to return to diary entries with occasional poems. In two weeks i depart from the Adelaide hills to attempt to settle in london. On the way i shall spend a week in Malaysia. Hopefully these changes will provide some amusing observations to share with you.
Departing Adelaide is not easy, life here is so relaxed and comfortable. Friends who have visited me here in Adelaide have commented that the lifestyle is extraordinary. Vincent from France likened the Adelaide hills to Provance, a complement indeed.
In London it will be winter, i will be in the throng with twenty million cosmopolitans, it should be fun. What adventures it will bring me i have no concept of yet. Malaysia is the land where my grandmother was born and grew up. She was famous for running away from bording school in India at the age of five, and making it all the way back to Penang on her own. I wish i knew more about that story…


One Response to “Back to the Present”

  1. Carlos Zai Says:

    It was called ‘Malaya’ during your grandmother’s time, John. Malaya!!

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