While I was Sleeping

It is with a deep sense of satisfaction that i can report the succesful development of a reactionless drive. Rodger Shawyer has, over the last four years or so, managed to develop a conical container hooked up to a magnetron via a waveguide, which produces twice as much thrust as the equivelant weight of Ion engine.
Why am i so happy about this, well for fourteen years i have been building giros trying to prove that a reactionless drive is possible. I may have been wrong about the giro being the right way to do it but at least i was right when insisting that a reactionless drive was possible.
To all the sceptics who have been laughing at me for so long, WHO IS LAUGHING NOW?
If you are interested in all this there is a good site at, http://www.shelleys.demon.co.uk/fdec02em.htm.

In his paper describing the mechanism of action of this marvelous contraption, http://www.newscientist.com/data/images/ns/av/shawyertheory.pdf, Shawyer employs theory from just three sources;

‘Physics for Scientists and Engineers’ 2nd Edition (Prentice- Hall 1996) p.781.
2. MAXWELL J.C. ‘A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism’
1st Edition (Oxford University Press 1873) p.391.
3. CULLEN A.L. ‘Absolute Power Measurements at Microwave Frequencies’ IEE Proceedings Vol 99 Part IV 1952 P.100

It is interesting to note that the second of these is the same work from which Einstine lifted the principals underlying relitivity theory. Note the date…

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