Goodbye Unit One

One Cromer Road, Birdwood has been my home for four and a half years and i spent the four years before that in Lobethal, just fifteen kilometers north. Living in the Adelaide hills was a lifelong ambition and the last eight and a half years have more than lived up to expectations.

While resident there i have indulged nearly every remaining unfulfilled fantasy of my youth including; designing building and flying ultralight aircraft, living in a cute hand built wooden house with open fires and beautiful dogs,smoking lots of pot and last but by no means least, relishing a long and languorous affair with the most gorgeous Thai woman who ever lived. Added to that i have completed the set of gyroscopic experiments which i hoped would provide the answer to inertial thrust. No inertial thrust was achieved that i could prove but at least i got to give it my best try and thanks to R. Shawyer the problem seems solved anyhow.

I shure hope it is…

 Unit One is now in other hands and I hope it brings them the same sense of community and fulfillment that it did me. Driving away from it for the last time i found myself content with my time there. There may have been moments of frustration and bitterness but they were resolved. That tenth of my life was, in the end, well lived.

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