Oh Well!

It is possible to make the occasional mistake in life. Assuming that the engineering industry in the UK would be vigorous enough to find a position for me within, was just one of my latest in a fine collection.

London is far too expensive to live in without having professional work so having realised that i was slowly running out of money i called my best prospect of casual work. The good Simon who employed me during my holidays while i studied a decade ago. He has agreed to hire me as a gardener in beautiful Guernsey.

Not being drawn into the high flying and highly paid world of engineering is disappointing but being allowed to work in the magnificent gardens of a place as perfect as Guernsey, more than makes up for it. The simple tasks of mowing lawns and pulling weeds can be joy in the right location and i am willing to bet that some high folutin’ aero engineers will be just a little envious of my plan B.

Wednesday i will relocate to that almost imaginary island where i grew up. I will be returning home to the land of many of my fore fathers, doubtless privateers amongst them. An island with an amazing history and some wondrous ancient monuments and sacred sites still in tact. An island shrouded in mist with houses built of granite and roofed with pan tiles. As distractions from heartache go this should be a goodie.

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