Guernsey, Channel Islands

Guernsey is an island of twenty four square miles which is in a group of islands some twenty miles from the coast of France and some sixty miles from Cornwall. It is beautiful, windswept, rocky and quaint.

The houses are mostly built from large blocks of granite, which seems excessive to the casual observer until they experience one of the Atlantic gales which caress the island regularly. The people have the same granite quality. Their short stature is compensated for by the strength of their grip.

I have come here as a romantic refuge but i am not lost, far from it, i have a strong sense of returning home to a fairyland, hidden from the reality of the rest of the world by the mists of the English Channel. I have been welcomed, i have found employment as a gardener and i am applying to join the local St. Johns Ambulance Service.

While i look for a flat to call my own i am staying in an ancient hotel. The Fleur de Jardin is the cosiest and sweetest local you can imagine. The open fires and local beer match the shyness of the parons perfectly. The crusty beams of the ceiling tickle my hair as i walk under them, which makes them well less than six foot high. The barmaids are ‘european’, the management is glad to have a beer with you and the room is warm, clean and a blessing to my travel weary bones.

The gardens i am working in are small, walled and intense with growth even in the gales of winter. Do i envy anyone elses security, hell no. Thanks for coming on this trip with me dear reader. Will post again as soon as i can.


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