Am i in the right place?

Ambition comes upon me with a rush. Having lived till my mid forties without ever really developing anything more than sexual ambition and the urge to travel to other stars, i now find myself desirous of material wealth.

Is it because my poverty cost me the sweetest woman. Is it because baldness, toothlessness and potbelliedness would otherwise bring and end to the requitement of my romantic ambitions…

There is only one question in my mind at present; would it be a faster road to wealth to stay here in this place which i love so much, doing work which is satisfying and enjoyable, or would i be better off faster if i went to the lush and thriving tropics to put myself about as a potential manager of engineering works.

 The question is irrelevant really. Here i am in Guern, loving it, living it and getting paid far more than i expected anyway. Here i will stay for now, if i get permanent work i may even stay for a long time. The reason i ask the question is simply that i have come to rest in one spot for the first time in months. Which is actually a really good feeling, even when, especially when, the damp Atlantic wind gets up your jacket and the good soil is soaking into your eager hands.

 Sorry, but i would not be anyone else for all the tea in china.

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