When a young man assumes that he is entitled to defend himself from police who are arresting him for affray, even when they may be overzealous or even brutal, he is by law wrong. One of my new friends may be off the street in a few weeks, for how long we have no idea.

Truth is that there is a limit to the arrogance one can get away with and that applies to all of us who do not wield the extremes of political power. As for those who do wield the extremes of political power, well we probably don’t hear of all their misdeeds.

It is disappointing anyway, when someone young intelligent and capable, stakes their future against their pride. No matter what the outcome of the legal machinations. I have now seen this too many times but it still comes as a surprise.

 I have just arrived in this almost perfect place, i guess i just cannot relate to anyone not wanting to live here in peace, in freedom, in harmony. But that could equally well apply to the rest of the world i suppose. Old traumas of my own have made me oversensitive to such things.

The latest case of legal note on the island is that of a man caught on camera making love to a horse. Apparently the local paper printed his name and all the particulars of his misdeeds as soon as he was arrested, before he went to trial. Still, there was very little doubt about his guilt.

At the trial he pleaded innocent!

Everything has its reason, surely everything has its reason. People come to remind me that everything has its reason but even now i am not completely sure. If i get the ambulance station radio operator job i have applied for, there will be countless more moments like this.


One Response to “Mate!”

  1. j. Says:

    We here in Northern NSW had a woman found cajoling a horse in a lascivious manner, including coating her nakedness in molasses, J & I had a very long stream of puns around that one. There were a lot of illegal synthetic hormones imported recently, I reckon she had a bit of a dose. Or she simply likes fresh leather!

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