Elder Walking Stick

The old school buddy that i am working for as a gardener has a marvelous shed where various of us can be found some evenings whittling sticks, restoring old furniture or having a quiet bottle of local ale.

I was presented with a stick to whittle so on the handle end i carved a foot. Well it is a walking stick after all. Now it can be used to assist anyone who desires to walk but if you do employ it you must grasp it, unlike other walking sticks, by the foot.

Today i climbed a five metre tree with a pruning saw and passed a very pleasant hour or so pruning it into submission ready for the coming summers growth. Back in the Adelaide hills this would be a strange thing to do but here on Guernsey Island the growth everywhere is so luxuriant that most things have to be cut at some point of the year otherwise the houses themselves would disappear within a year or two.

Hopefully late spring will be spent cutting back the tall banks and hedges which separate paddocks and roads all over the island. Meantime i am waiting to hear from the local ambulance service, in the hope that they will interview me for the position of Control Room Assistant.

As quietly as i can i wonder if my lost lover is married yet. Someone said it would be Febuary. So much for all our mutual friends, i wonder even more quietly if i still exist for any of them.

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