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Phew, i am in the right place.

20 March, 2007

I am allowed to live and work here, and to stay as long as i like, which is a great relief. Added to that i have signed a lease on an attic, a studio no less, which means that i am employed, i have a home and i may yet get a cat.

The beautiful slow bush stick i was given to carve enticed me to carve Ivy leaves upon it. They looked OK at first, with the stem twining about the shaft and then the leaves got a bit awkward toward the top. Thinking better of my original plan i striped the bark off completely to start afresh. The stick, being too green, then split as it dried. Next…

Another interesting full time job has been advertised, Air Traffic Control Trainee. Years of training involved, which i am more than happy to do, especially since the projected salary comes to a figure which makes my eyes spin. I will most definitely apply for this one, who knows, stranger things happen at sea.

In the mean time, my new flat which i move into on fools day, has an almost horizontal window directly above the bed. I have wanted one of those for years and years, so that i can watch the stars pass when i lie awake at night. Bliss, thankyou universe, now i will not need a TV licence.


I am in the right place

5 March, 2007

but will they let me stay…

The more i enjoy being in my old home the more i sense a future for myself here. As i commence my second walking stick i learn that i must now apply for formal permission not just to reside here but also to work here.

How could have i presumed that the two would go together…

How could i leave again when i have fallen in love with the place afresh. Where would i go, South America? Any suggestions?