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17 April, 2007

Be it sun or rain upon your head

While you push a hoe through a garden bed

Be it for one hour or one month

Breathing deeply, sweating gently

Keeping flowers, trees and shrubs

Pulling all the rest despite

The optimism of their youth

Cutting some with hoe

Curling finger to remove others by the root

And in the patient wait

For lunch or end of day

Another garden becomes beautiful

Another bird is given a worm

A few more quid in the pay packet

Another day well spent

At peace with the world


Quick Update

13 April, 2007

Sorry folks, have no net access at present. My new residence is a loft which is self contained and has it’s own parking space, which is a luxury hereabouts.

Currently carving an Acanthis leaf, in releif, which is new to me but going quite well. Am applying for various tech jobs and for the Volunteer Ambulance Reserve. Will let you know how i go.