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News from home, 4:30am

11 May, 2007

You might get what you need or you might not. I have had little news from South Australia since i left, a text or two, some nice e-mails, a brief call to my father on his birthday, a card from the wonderful midwife Liz for my birthday and last but not least a BBC radio report saying that the mighty Murray River may not flow this winter.

There are few things that can strike fear into the heart of a colony like the lack of a fundamental resourse. It is strange that the residents of the driest place on earth squander such a large percentage of their water supply keeping manicured lawns wet.

Now is the time for technical solutions if Adelaide and Perth are to continue to thrive. The answers are there but in order for them to work the old european mind set must accept the situation, the plain truth, that solar and wind energy for desalination of the sea will be orders of magnitude cheaper and easier than the nuclear option.

Simelar┬ádilemmas will face any future colonists on the newly discovered water planet GJ581C during the millennium that their system travels out of reach of mother earth. If they don’t get their reality checked they won’t last long either.