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It’s nice to be an idiot. 15/6/07

25 June, 2007

It was Friday afternoon and it had been a frenetic week of hedge cutting. The three of us took a tea break at about three and i could see that some morale boosting was in order so i took the blue oval fruit sticker from my snack and slapped it onto the front of my balding head in a vein attempt to raise a laugh.

It failed, so feeling slightly embarrassed i busied myself putting my flask in its bag and made moves away from the truck to finish the days work.

In the evening, after a shower and a change into a striped shirt and a some casual tan flared strides, i went to the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. After a few laps of the isles i was dawdling in the condiments section, quietly grumpy at the cost of a few grammes of white pepper, when my forehead became itchy.

The label from the fruit was still there. I┬áremoved it, trying to look casual as i did so and i couldn’t help thinking what a twit i must have looked. Indeed what a twit i must actually be to let such a thing happen by my own hand.

But never mind, there will be other moments when i can feign dignity and some folks may even believe it… at least i got a laugh from it eventually because if you really are that silly, you might as well enjoy it.