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‘The Beginning’ by Truly Madly, a friend.

29 August, 2007

Please don’t ask me to commit, I will do so when I am ready.

Give me wings of freedom to follow my heart and I will come back to you each time.

Talking is overrated, problems can be solved in time and in silence.

Please don’t put a label on me, I am only obligated to be myself.

There may be pain and suffering along the way, while the ego dissolves and love takes it’s place.

I also cannot promise I will give you everything you need, only the Divine can do that, so have faith.

However, you can walk with me hand in hand and experience the joy of love with freedom and understanding.

Life is full of opportunities to be whoever you want to be, and you can be that person with me.

The gentle heart needs time in the beginning, time I am willing to give to allow a beautiful love to grow.


End of Summer

29 August, 2007

The Australian summer is famous for it’s brilliance but i knew as i packed to leave for northern Europe that the summer there is accentuated by the depth of the winter. When i arrived i was working outside in winter conditions and very much looking forward to my first northern summer for almost a decade.

These past three months i have not been disappointed, despite the occasional rainy day the summer has been fabulous. The gardens we work in have been a mass of colour, the fishing trips in Nics row boat have been serene, the long evenings have been filled with good company and i have even been loved a little.

The local observatory is open to the public on Tuesday evenings, the sunsets on the west coast make the perfect setting for a take away supper, the night sky is as new to me and to complete my cups fullness i am still finding old friends to catch up with and, to top it all off, the Volunteer Ambulance Reserve and the CI Air Search are about to sign me up for twenty four hour call.

What more could i possibly want… except for my health to hold through the coming winter and for my wondrously deranged lover to come back to the island and love me some more. Unashamed of my greed for the good life i state, this is great, i want more.

I have been presented with a challenge.

11 August, 2007

It has long been my belief that economic forces nessecitate the production of anything for which there is a demand, be those products legal or not.

It is the consumer that should take responsibility for cars that fold up in collisions, vegetables that have no flavour, furniture that only lasts one year and computer games that rot your brain. If we keep buying them, factories will keep producing them.

Added to this, household budgets dictate that the cheapest version of any particular thing will sell well.

Now it has been pointed out to me that i am guilty of sponsoring the very worst example of these poor behaviours by purchasing and consuming foods that have been produced without regard for the welfare of the animals producing them or, the animals in them.

The challenge is to take personal responsibility for the unacceptable things done to animals on my behalf.

Can i become a vegetarian, probably yes, can i stop myself buying any mass produced animal products at all? Well that is a challenge indeed and it will require some skill and nutritional advice to do properly, but.

Somewhere, everywhere, there are beings living out unbearable lives in cramped cages, who need people like me to recognise our responsibility. Somehow, sometime soon the abuse of animals in the name of human comfort must be prohibited by criminal law and so brought towards an end.

In places where animal rights do not exist at all it is still possible to order the service of brains from the freshly opened skull of a still living monkey. If you do not agree with the above argument, will you at least admit the possibility that some product that you have consumed this year was obtained from, derived from or tested by actions just as barbaric.

The solution to any discomfort you may experience reading these harsh words is to establish the source of what you consume.