End of Summer

The Australian summer is famous for it’s brilliance but i knew as i packed to leave for northern Europe that the summer there is accentuated by the depth of the winter. When i arrived i was working outside in winter conditions and very much looking forward to my first northern summer for almost a decade.

These past three months i have not been disappointed, despite the occasional rainy day the summer has been fabulous. The gardens we work in have been a mass of colour, the fishing trips in Nics row boat have been serene, the long evenings have been filled with good company and i have even been loved a little.

The local observatory is open to the public on Tuesday evenings, the sunsets on the west coast make the perfect setting for a take away supper, the night sky is as new to me and to complete my cups fullness i am still finding old friends to catch up with and, to top it all off, the Volunteer Ambulance Reserve and the CI Air Search are about to sign me up for twenty four hour call.

What more could i possibly want… except for my health to hold through the coming winter and for my wondrously deranged lover to come back to the island and love me some more. Unashamed of my greed for the good life i state, this is great, i want more.

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