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The Next Step, by Truly Madly

17 September, 2007

Please forgive me for pouring cold water on you; I promised myself I would never do that to anyone. 

I also vowed I would let you be whoever you want to be with me.  All I want is to know you care about me, but perhaps that is too early to say. 

Perhaps I am expecting too much too soon; a consequence of treading the worn out path of serious relationships many times before. 

On the other hand casual relationships incite fun with carefree flings and emotional unattachment; but leaves my soul feeling empty in the end. 

There must be a middle road; which has for me been unchartered territory up until now.  But one I am prepared to explore, especially with you. 

So what to do when I start feeling nervous of old ghosts reappearing? Who decides the next step the relationship should take? I feel guilty that it has been me so far. 

It takes courage to let a relationship flow down an uncertain path.  It is like going on a road trip without a map and only your sense of direction! 

But if I let go then how will I get what I need out of the relationship? Maybe what I think I need is just an illusion; borne out of old relationship patterns. Maybe there is another relationship universe to explore? 

Right now I feel stuck in the fog, reaching my hand out in the hope you will take my hand to guide me and tell me everything I want to hear. 

But I think it is up to me this time to have faith and courage to get myself out of the fog. 

You have a beautiful soul that glows every time you smile. I pray that faith will guide me to you, waiting in the sunshine in this other universe. 


Globular Clusters

12 September, 2007

The local observatory is open to the public on a few evenings a month. Last night was not one of those nights but i thought it was and so turned up and was invited in anyway as a consequence of which received a guided tour of the most spectacular star clusters visible from there.

The arrangement of these ‘globular’ clusters about the galaxy but not within the plane of the milky way is a most mysterious phenomenon.

Dave is a most helpful bloke and he devotes a lot of his time to shareing his knowlege of the heavens with all comers. Bless him.