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3rd Man

1 October, 2007

The local ambulance station has accepted my application to join the volunteer reserve. The reserve is for major incidents so hopefully they will not require my attendance too often. The good part is that for the purposes of maintaining skills, volunteers are encouraged to spend time on the road with the active crews.

Being on an island the station also handles cliff rescue and many other emergencies that may arise from time to time. It is strange to be shown about an ambulance station and see boats, climbing equipment and all manor of other things including a hyperbaric chamber.

On my third shift as third man, what a wonderfully quaint term, i was fortunate to be assigned to an old friend. In his youth this friend was a capable motorcycle maniac. I found myself strapped into the back of his ambulance facing backward, being able to see nothing through the window blinds but the flashing of blue lights, not knowing where i was going or what we might find when we got there. With respect i report that my old friend is still up for a wild ride.

With the patients on board you could have left a glass of water on the seat and it would not have spilled.

For me the opportunity to keep my ambo skills fresh is very welcome. What a great way it would be to earn a living.