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30 November, 2007

Well you just can’t buy time so it is a hidden blessing to be off work with the shakes. My time has been well spent, in my opinion. The local library has kept me well stocked with inspirational books. After reading almost solidly for six weeks i suddenly realized that i had enough information to start calculations that would be a good feasibility test for my theory of gravity.

I had better start at the beginning; science knows everything about gravity except what it’s mechanism of action actually is. Back in the early nineties i decided that the mass of the nucleus had little to do with it and that the electron must be the part of the atom which interacts with gravity.

It goes like this, gravity is a dilation of time, the electron moves through a few thousand times more of this gradient than the nucleus does. There are some more complex reasons than this for my strange belief but it has taken me till now to work out that a numerical analysis might be an important part of the argument. Today i discovered enough, hopefully, data to begin putting two and the root of one minus c squared together. Wish me luck…

The point of all this is not just that a cripple stuck at home must find something to keep sane but also that an appreciation of the mechanism of gravity may just help us to overcome it. If that isn’t exciting to you then you are missing the whole point of the whole space program.


The Fool Reaches the Fall (14/10/2007)

30 November, 2007

As i fall towards my first European winter in a decade my courage withers like the days. Rising with the dawn to labour till dusk, brings aches to the joints of my middle aged carcass.

I take a week off to recover my strength, my first week off in eight months. Truly Madly is in Spain. My fabulously doubtful lover is in India and i’m wondering if it’s time to bail out of my struggle and finish my days as a nomadic musician in Canada.

But my landlady is a past master of British ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, has been since 1925 and she shames me into recovery as we walk the dog on the cliffs, by beating me up a steepish hill. Well there is no substitute for gizzard, so, so long as the hands will grip the hoe firmly enough i shall persevere into the depths of winter.

Being almost wise enough now to know that staying your course can bring energy to the flow.

Oh yes, on that subject, i found a neat set of boxwood handled carving chisels at the car boot sale for just one pound and 50p. Started a relief carving of a maple leaf to celebrate. Next week, an interview with Air Search.

Oops, here it comes again :-(

1 November, 2007

Well having let you all down by not posting, i am now going to mess with the time line. Next post will be from three weeks ago, this one is a warning of troubled times ahead.

Had my interview with Air Search but was rejected, probably because a resurgence of neurological symptoms was visable to them at the time. The same resurgence has rendered me unfit for work for the last three weeks so it will be back to reading into cosmology for me.

Hope your lives are on a steadier upward path than mine. Please enjoy your relitive normality, if just for me and bless you for reading still.