Well you just can’t buy time so it is a hidden blessing to be off work with the shakes. My time has been well spent, in my opinion. The local library has kept me well stocked with inspirational books. After reading almost solidly for six weeks i suddenly realized that i had enough information to start calculations that would be a good feasibility test for my theory of gravity.

I had better start at the beginning; science knows everything about gravity except what it’s mechanism of action actually is. Back in the early nineties i decided that the mass of the nucleus had little to do with it and that the electron must be the part of the atom which interacts with gravity.

It goes like this, gravity is a dilation of time, the electron moves through a few thousand times more of this gradient than the nucleus does. There are some more complex reasons than this for my strange belief but it has taken me till now to work out that a numerical analysis might be an important part of the argument. Today i discovered enough, hopefully, data to begin putting two and the root of one minus c squared together. Wish me luck…

The point of all this is not just that a cripple stuck at home must find something to keep sane but also that an appreciation of the mechanism of gravity may just help us to overcome it. If that isn’t exciting to you then you are missing the whole point of the whole space program.


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