The Fool Reaches the Fall (14/10/2007)

As i fall towards my first European winter in a decade my courage withers like the days. Rising with the dawn to labour till dusk, brings aches to the joints of my middle aged carcass.

I take a week off to recover my strength, my first week off in eight months. Truly Madly is in Spain. My fabulously doubtful lover is in India and i’m wondering if it’s time to bail out of my struggle and finish my days as a nomadic musician in Canada.

But my landlady is a past master of British ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, has been since 1925 and she shames me into recovery as we walk the dog on the cliffs, by beating me up a steepish hill. Well there is no substitute for gizzard, so, so long as the hands will grip the hoe firmly enough i shall persevere into the depths of winter.

Being almost wise enough now to know that staying your course can bring energy to the flow.

Oh yes, on that subject, i found a neat set of boxwood handled carving chisels at the car boot sale for just one pound and 50p. Started a relief carving of a maple leaf to celebrate. Next week, an interview with Air Search.


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