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Southampton UK

1 February, 2008

The General Hospital has something like three thousand beds. In the neurological wing for a week of diagnostic testing i found myself profoundly grateful for the warmth, competence and good humour of the staff. The ward sister Jenny is a light who shines upon those who receive her care.

During the week i was subject to a multitude of tests which but for the sympathy of the staff could have been quite distressing. As i came away on the Friday evening i was almost sorry to be going. It was fortunate indeed to be placed on a ward with two other good humoured Johns and our constant WWII style patter began to attract other patients. One in particular who will hopefully remain a friend.

Southampton itself is much as you would expect for a southern english port city, friendly but grimy, hard working but slow. On the Thursday i had no appointments so i took a train to Brighton for the day to meet someone sweet. In the process i realized that it takes someone sweet to tolerate someone as shaky and grumpy as me. Mo the love Doctor who disguises himself as a waiter at the Bagaloo Restaurant, was most insistent that i was making some sort of mistake. His argument seemed to be that love is never a mistake, oh how i wish i could agree with him.

Resisting the temptation to re-locate again now that my lease is nearly up. Argentina calls, somewhere there is a need for a man like me… surely. Hopefully it will be a place with a good library because as impressive as the local one is, i have nearly exhausted its cosmology section. Any suggestions?