I wake up ravenous, three am. I can move, like a normal person. I swing my legs off the bed and go to the kitchen for some peanuts. In the morning i will be able to shower and shave without having to wait for an hour to loosen up enough.

Levodopa is a medication which is a revelation to those who need it, though a dangerous one. I have dreams of working again, maybe even a good job driving an ambulance or something in engineering, instead of labouring.

Please don’t get me wrong, i love gardening, fencing, delivery driving and these modes have helped keep the wolf from the door between bouts of disabling stiffness, for many years. But the possibility of being well enough to hold down a better more skilled position, is not just a dream i cling to. That possibility is so enticing that to have it dangled before me, just out of reach, maybe soon within… is causing me to become slightly unhinged.

Meanwhile, my ancient Volks Vagon has passed away and i have received the gift of a bicycle. Exercise is what i need now. In order to further this dream of mine i must be fit and frosty enough to actually do it.


One Response to “Levodopa”

  1. Holdowicz Says:


    Good to hear the medication is working; I hope there isn’t a downside? (side effects..)

    LL is as troublesome as ever, her medicine of choice -Morphine -reared its ugly head several times over the last several months..

    Still no help from the government, or anyone actually, with her care. Which means the demonic circus of love you/hate you/bad/good/ laugh/cry continues…

    Why haven’t you gone to France while you’re over there? I’d love to see Paris..

    Onwards and upwards, young man,


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