The Call South

The southern sky calls. There is nothing inherently better about the southern sky except the centre of our galaxy and the fact you are lying flat under the driest, thinnest sky dozens of kilometers form the nearest light pollution and thousands of kilometers from the nearest really big city.

These conditions are favourable for viewing the the galaxy, a hundred thousand light years away, the mist they call the milky way. Thirty thousand light years away, the thirty degree wide ball of stars and possibly black holes or some such which form the centre of our turbulent, crashing galaxy of two hundred billion stars.

Across the lower half of the ball of central stars a band of gas which completely obscures our view. The moonless cloudless sky is white but for minor color variations. Olbers paradox is solved.

One Response to “The Call South”

  1. Holdowicz Says:


    You can take the Southern sky and park it up your clacker -as I write we have just had our fifth day in a row over 35C -today was 38.9C, tomorrow/Sunday/Monday are to be 39-40C, with the likelihood that this will go on for at least another week…

    We have had 6mm of rain since Christmas.. all on one night about six weeks ago..

    Lake Albert in the Coorong has silted up, and will resemble a crystalline salt pan, decorated here and there with dessicated fish and birds, unless they set up a pump from the Murray, which also doesn’t flow..

    This joint -Adelshite -with its obscene “New Labor” government -is fast resembling a movie set; bread and circuses for the ignorant masses, dust and dead grass blowing about in the searing wind, mad people tipped out of care begging and cackling in the streets…

    Meanwhile, Sydney has had its wettest and coolest summer since 1953… reminds you that this is a continent, not just a country.


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