32,000 feet above Canada 12/3/08

Outrageously beautiful, no place has the right to look so spectacular.

Pack-ice to the horizon eventually gives way to to a vast rocky coast cut by frozen waterways (or are they glaciers). Trees fighting to keep to the edge of the permafrost along valleys with meanders miles wide.

If Europa and Enceledus are as troubled as this then we may have no place there, no hope, no strengths to pit against it. I fondly imagine tracks or settlements but no, they are not there. This place is harsher and more remote than Siberia or the Hymillias.

Happy birthday self, you bought one hell of a birthday present this year, you selfish …. And Sweetness wished you one too, at least someone else did.

 Towards southern edge of snow a crater eighty kilometers wide with a high almost volcanic looking central peak and a ring river outside its inner wall. The river is frozen and there is still snow on the central highland but the surrounding landscape is is dark green with conifers.

2 Responses to “32,000 feet above Canada 12/3/08”

  1. Holdowicz Says:

    Happy F***ing Birthday.. It’s a bit hard to send cards etc to someone who moves address so often..

    Each time I’ve thought of sending something I think “No, the Human Pinball will have bounced off somewhere else by now, and the package will end up lost..”

  2. Serocka Says:

    Happy ‘kin birthday from me too. When did you ever divulge there was one! Good Wishes are what I can send, relatively environmentally friendly at that!
    love J

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