Atlanta Airport, 12/3/08

An airport more enormous than i could have imagined, dwarfing anything i have seen before. Americans grumpy and beautiful and bossy. I walked four kilometers just going for a stroll through the basement connecting tunnel between the terminals. It was full of Zimbabwe sculpture and there were some amazing American collages and architectural art including two rows of topsy tervy pillars in the arrival hall, dusky red and reeling like the whirly whirlies near silver city.

Fingerprints taken, films recommended to me by a very cute security lady and then a cheering conversation with a Tibetan monk from New York before take off for Buenos Aires in the evening.

Then a night flight with a hundred mile an hour tail wind and a dawn over the vast plains of northern Argentina, an endless expanse of paddocks. Then the first sight of the elegant but dilapidated mother city Buenos Aires.

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