Eating Out

There are definitely some aspects of the Argentine way if life that sit very comfortably with the relaxed type of person. Morning happens in the afternoon, buses push start stalled cars, eating out costs less than a take away in the UK and the world passes endless breezy Rocco balconies at less than twenty miles an hour.

This is not the height of summer mind you, this is mid march. For the next few days the only shops that will be open will be the ones that I need. No complaints there. The buildings of the city grace the streets gently like stoic and beautifully elders. Thirteen million people take their time.

The inner turmoil subsides. The shakes return gently but the stride is good. Today i will wear the elephant T-shirt brought to me from Thailand, maybe it will assist the failing memory. Stranger things happen at sea but hey, it’s worth a try. This is my chance to see if a change of pace to south american time will work for me, so how many pesos do i have left…… enough i think, just.

One Response to “Eating Out”

  1. Skye Says:

    Good to keep a track on you…. sent you email…please reply ! Floor and sumptous vegan meal awaits your return…Take care you are a special soul J X Love & Liberty

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