On Being Used

It may seem strange to my regular readers that i have had so little to say to this blog at such a full time in my life. The truth is i do not get paid to do this and for a hundred pounds a week you would get a thousand words a day. In the meantime it has come time to stop allowing abuse. Allowed, it will continue.

Cristina Kirchner, new president of Argentina, has come to the same conclusion. Why should the poor go without the nutrition that is exported from the country in such large quantities. Well, a stand has been made and power to her arm. My personal struggles are less noble, Sweetness is to marry another and who is to blame… Roger of course.

But a very fine weekend was spent in Brighton, one of my new favourite places, and now i am back in Guernsey for a few weeks of cheer before moving on again to KL. The vida loca has its claws firmly in my back but i do feel better for it. A month of farming in the rainforest should sort that out!

One Response to “On Being Used”

  1. Serocka Says:

    At last a bit of a catch up with your blog.
    How many letters would I get for a$A1?
    I enjoy your intersperse of powerful limbs, with all those arms and power you could rule the world.

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