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30 June, 2008

Goodbye beautiful chaos

India, China, Indonesia, all in one

Goodbye cheep phone, accessible Internet

Goodbye warmpth and friendliness

Goodbye weekends without drunken fights

Goodbye never being cold

Goodbye Malaysia

I’ll be back


Blood & Noise

29 June, 2008

Is it just me or is the world gaining momentum. While sitting in my hotel room feeling torn between being where i am needed, i recieved  a call requesting my presence at a battle of bands.

The winners were a cert, Blood and Noise, teenage heavy metal at its best played in a school hall but with style, vigor, open anger and some really dangerous guitar from Zai Junior. Quite took me out of myself.

Finished off the day at KL’s hit resturant Cheng Ho, Wongsa Mayo in good company. No extra charge for truly inspired cusine. Not quite sure what i have done to deserve all this.

Very far from where i should be though, someone is being let down by my absence again. And in the background there are political prisoners in “great” Britain being denied adequate food, trial and medical treatment, as a punishment for peacefully standing up for their perfectly justifiable beliefs. Sweetness is nursing her mother through the hardest thing of all and my next experiment is shelved.

Happy i may be, richeous i am not.

The Piscies Dilema Again

25 June, 2008

A most wonderful opportunity has been offered to me, to live and do professional work in Malaysia. But being a Pisces the inevitable indecision confounds me.

I will of course agree but first i must convince myself that income, lifestyle and job satisfaction are more important than love or building spaceship motor experiments.

Here i am though, so i have at least taken the first step. My life has changed course forever so please excuse me if my inward compassion overrides other types of logic temporarily.

Love is such a terribly difficult thing to walk away from after all, after everything, even after the choice has already been made by someone else for a reason never shared and possibly forgotten.

Doubts aside though, the gloves are off. Once more, please wish me even more luck… even if i no longer deserve it.

KL, A poem by guruyahya, 8/07

25 June, 2008

Hidden tiger, crouching chicken,
Front door closed, back door opened,
Bravery = absurd, Honesty = stupid,
Primary concern – eat, eat, eat,

Bigger car, shorter dick,
Wife run off when the husband is sick,
Grandparents sent to the old folk shelter,
Death is considered, their biggest disaster,

Bravery act only in the movies,
Fighting and killing a lot of baddies,
Martial art moves, somersaulting while shooting a gun, you name it,
Everything is crap and utter bullshit,

To put up an MT sticker? Up their posteriors
Behind the computer screen? Oh..They are warriors,
When you asked for their solemn pledge,
They turn their backs and shit to their death,



Barkersvale NSW

25 June, 2008

A poem by Robin, June 1985.

Reach to the sky

Clouds pass you by

Tears fall from your eyes

A question forms. Why,

Of life and all that abounds

With all that grows up from the ground

Surronds and confounds

Silence is the only sound

So to the day I turn

Lord teach me to learn

For life is such a frail candle

Once lit so quick to burn

Guide me to be strong

Fill my heart with song

Find a place in this world

Where I can belong