The Piscies Dilema Again

A most wonderful opportunity has been offered to me, to live and do professional work in Malaysia. But being a Pisces the inevitable indecision confounds me.

I will of course agree but first i must convince myself that income, lifestyle and job satisfaction are more important than love or building spaceship motor experiments.

Here i am though, so i have at least taken the first step. My life has changed course forever so please excuse me if my inward compassion overrides other types of logic temporarily.

Love is such a terribly difficult thing to walk away from after all, after everything, even after the choice has already been made by someone else for a reason never shared and possibly forgotten.

Doubts aside though, the gloves are off. Once more, please wish me even more luck… even if i no longer deserve it.


One Response to “The Piscies Dilema Again”

  1. Skye Says:

    Don’t forget’ The darkest hour is always just before dawn ‘ … courage brother and trust you will do the right thing x

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