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Tis a season to be Jolly

22 December, 2008

So i celebrated the soulstice by plotting true north and banging some stakes into the ground to make sure that i don’t loose track of it again.

Ever since moveing into the rainforrest it has been one adventure after another. The house is beautiful though, a Nipon inspired twelve sided roundhouse built in local hardwood by my friend Mr. Molinari some fifteen years ago, i cannot work out if it has ever been occupied.

Antechinus is the boss of course. You can not argue with a three inch possum who has lived there since birth and can accelerate to 30 mph in 0.2 seconds. I struggle up the kilometer long entry track on my new postie scooter. Crossing creeks and trying not to run over turtles, past the miraculas shed which is what i actually rented the place for, past the valley of dreams where a million tonnes of rain water comes each time we get an inch of rain, and then up the short climb which discloses the most glorious view of Billen Cliffs.

Sitting on the wide curving verandah i look out and try to piece together the progress i’ve made since leaving the Adelaide Hills in January of… which year was that?

Life is good, and for some silly reason it seems to keep getting better, touch wood, despite the wourld turning to bother and confusion i, arguably one of the most careless and confused of its citizens, climb to ever greater heights of beeing lucky.

Must remind self not to take it for granted. The point being that circumstances are now ripe for the finalizing of experimental design plans. Just as soon as they have been checked, prey improved, by some local experts. Real actual professional, this time.

As the weather cycles rapidly between torrential rain and windy sun the house is invaded by countless types of marsupial (paddymellons, wallabies, possum, chinus) spiders (golden orb, huntsman, funnelweb) snakes ( python and though i haven’t seen them yet, red belly black and tipan) lizzards (from four foot goanna to skinks, dragon and water goanna) tourtoise. Insects too beautiful and numerous to list.

The almost vertical bush surronding the house on three sides is re-developing it’s canopy so it groaning with an unchartable diversity of life, every individual of which is straining to get on with the next bit. The energy of the place is exhausting, entertaining, deeply invigourating. Come see…