Antechainus Babies

Let me assure you this Antechainus is not a rat, the vague resembelance is all there is in common between these critters. Antechainus is an intelligent and capable housemate who, though expecting me to clean up the occasional poo, is otherwise a great pleasure to have around.

The nose is long and pointy, the tail is shortish and black from half way down. The climbing skills exceed those of the rat by some considerable margin. The poo is only insect shells and does not even smell. The attitude is sanguine, the gaze intense, the wiskers never still.

She, as it turns out, thanks me each nite when i turn out the lights, for the delicous bugs that have come for her to eat as a consequqnce of the light being on. Further, having decided that i am friendly and most unlikley to include her in the curries that i cook, she paid me the great compliment of introducing me to her two new babies.

She arrived with them both clinging to her back and her pride was evident. They are now getting used to me and come and play about the ladder on the back verandah while i drink my morning tea. Blessed i am, hope you are too.

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