Green Tree Frog Bathroom Invasion

“It isn’t easy being green” said Kirmit the frog, i am starting to appreciate how he felt. What does a greenish bloke do when his bathroom is full of frogs; climbing the walls, bathing in the water bucket, falling on his head as he comes in the door and, god forbid, making love in the toilet?

If you try to pick them up you get covered in their slimy toxic defense goo, not toxic to us but unpleasant anyhow. If you don’t fish them out of the loo before, well some things are just unthinkable are they not. Crickets in the drinking water can be fished out, spider webs across the driveway with ten gram spiders hanging in them, can be avoided if you are quick enough, crows on the roof, magpies in the morning, whatever but i will not take a dump on a frog no matter how long it takes to evict them from their little lagoon of love…

Bye the bye, beta blockers are having the multiple benefit of reducing BP and tremors, and sudden grumpiness, i wish i had been introduced to them before. Here’s hoping you are enjoying life too, my dear and patient reader. Here is a wish of vigor in your dealings.

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