Hove Again

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are truly impressive from the air. Viewing conditions were close to perfect but almost all the window shades in the jumbo were pulled down. What is endlessly newsworthy is apparently completely uninteresting in the flesh.

A landscape viewed from ten kilometers altitude lacks the fine detail of vehicles, people etc. but patterns of agriculture, spaceing of populations and the integration of these with landscape and climate are all clear.

From rainforest via all that and then to the sluggish traffic of the M25 ring motorway in London. Culture-shock lent heavily on my left shoulder, pushing so hard that my old lonesome heart became arhythmic. The next mornings dawn sunlight on the greasy old English channel put me back to rights.

Rights, what are they, where do they come from, why can we not accept them for ourselves, for others. How do i find and face the obligations that come with attempting to be a compassionate person, a righteous person. How can i be a whole person when i fail to understand humanity, fail to help it.

By spending enough to rescue a family from malnutrition, on another meander across the home planet, i know myself to be doing wrong. I look out from our helpless spin into the endless universe and know myself to be a traveler through space already.

The only point of researching space propulsion is to expediate the provision of insurance on our survival by scrambling to build craft which can diversify our location. Do any of my old dreams still apply, am i really silly enough to expect them to. Now i know that there are many Indians who share these concerns but i doubt that there are any Afghanies who do.


3 Responses to “Hove Again”

  1. Holdowicz Says:

    To the author, the fellow known by us as “The Human Pinball”..

    This diary entry, observation, whatever it is -is brilliant -should be in The Observer or something..

    You really nailed this one, amigo…

  2. liz Says:

    John, we think of you – traveller that you are, while we remain, cherishing our children, but dreaming of other places, other lives
    love liz

  3. Skye Says:

    Hi John,

    How are you ? Just to let you know Fran ( FellowSpeak Campaigner) died in April after a long cancer thing… at least she is now at peace with all the animals she helped save. Mel was retried last at the begining of this month in Oxford and a jury found him guilty on all counts, sentencing him to 10 years in prison. Hey Ho Judg Eccles again… no surprises there, he has already been inside, save for the short break in March/April this year till conviction, for 2 and a half years so there you go. What are you up to ? you have my email let me know. I have moved am just up road in Poet’s Corner, very appropriate although I am embarking on my comedy writing these days ! Certainly plenty of material in Brighton & Hove … working and enjoying life.

    Luv & Lib as always,


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